Performance or comfort? Let's analyze this bike with a multipurpose soul


The American’s factory Cannondale ranks this bike under the endurance’s category, that is a zone reserved to frames with particulars modifications on geometry to reach an elevate level of comfort on long distances, randonée or granfondo for example. Otherwise studied for the people that not are as prepared as it’s necessary to be, so the goal of the frame in this cases is to envisage injuries thanks to a relaxed position on the bike. The acronym that sums up all this proprieties is: S.E.R.G: Synapse Endurance race Geometry. Therefore longer head tube wheelbase a little bit stretched and a more open steering angle. Something innovative that improve the comfort is the SAVE PLUS system; that means a carbon’s stratification on the crucial points of the frame where the rider puts the biggest amount of weight in. This guarantees the dissipation of the micro-vibrations without attacking the general performance set up.



The version treated in this test isn’t the Synapse Hi-mod Ultegra disc, that it’s the top of the range but rather the Carbon one, differentiated to the higher version only for a level back on the stratification of the carbon fiber. Another shrewdness made by myself is the replacement of the group set with a mechanic Durace one, for all other things I keep on the 4999 euros’ packet that Cannondale provides in supplied; so shifter, front and back derailleur, cassette and chain by Shimano, hydrolytic disc brakes RS685 with 140 mm’s rotor. The crankset is provided from FSA, Hallowgram SI model with 50x34 front gear ( replaced by me with a 53x39 one) and a bottom bracket shell BB30A of 73mm. Wheels are Fulcrum zero, qualitatively comparable to the racing 4 for rim brakes. As a former semi-pro cyclist I started this test a little bit biased, my thought was “ that’s not yet the time for this kind of frames”, so I went to my all-time mechanic and immediately put on a big 53 teeth on the front, my ego was more than ok to give an objective judgment. Kidding aside, the feeling with the bike was good from the very beginning, considered habit of a different frame’s geometry and even if I was completely out of shape. Out of the firsts feedbacks a set a couple of weeks' long goal: put it on some stressful situation, on a different paths, to bring up the up and dows of the bike. The first peculiarity that I learned was the really high lateral rigidity on the relaunches, that gives me nothing to regret from my rider’s past. Really enjoyable mixed routes and precise on the long downhill, even if the disk brakes have the tent of heat up a little bit too much and as result to deform itself. Only some millimeters, but enough to make them touch to the pads, until cool down and return to the original form. After the fourth hour, the benefits of a comfortable frame give comes out, even if the bike-fitting has to adapt to the consequences of a longer headset. As always I can’t resist to the temptation of a little stretch of gravel, so the SAVE PLUS system has gone into testing, and the results they were obviously excellent. Seems to be on a Pinarello K10-S, without the weight of the suspension, moreover the Schwalbe One 28 Tires did their work very well.


The overall impressions are positive, both on the driving sensations and on the components. After years with much more aggressive frames, we would also like to recommend to the amateur who wants to compete on a sportive this double weapon, comfortable but at the same but really well performing. The only drawback for this kind of use is the general package equipment, wich must necessarily be adapted to a more aggressive level, possible on the Cannondale web-site with corresponding price changes. The cost is slightly high to have the equipment flush, but being designed for a tourist audience it’s justifiable. The goal is therefore to have a bike suitable for any need, from the pro to the bike-traveler; adapt the components according to you most appropriate and you will not regret the versatility of the frame.