Turn any bike into an E-bike


The pedal-assisted and electric bikes world is growing exponentially attracting with it an increasing number of users.
Being able to have a concrete help available when you need is a guarantee of important assistance. Even those who never had a real passion for cycling will get closer to this sport thanks to this reinforcement, considering its use to enjoy a pleasant ride with the family rather than pedal to work instead of driving.
However many customer give up on buying electric bikes due to their expensive price that leads to the inability of owning more than one bike.
The English company "Swytch" has developed a product that can solve this problem: an innovative converter that transforms any traditional bike into an electric bike in just a few minutes.                                                              


The Swytch conversion kit is composed of a wheel equipped with a brushless motor on the hub, a powerpack handbag with its special adapter and a pedalling sensor. The weight of the powerpack is only 1.5 kilos and it can be positioned as replacement of city bikes basket, in front of the handlebar.
Inside this bag is contained the most delicate part of an E-bike, the 36V lithium-ion battery.
The engine is provided together with the front wheel and is connected in the hub, it is also possible to receive the engine on the rear wheel asking for a special order. It weighs 1.5 kilos and it provides a power of 250 W with 40Nm of torque, allowing to reach a speed of 25km/h in the Europe versions and of 32 km/h for the American market ones.
There are many wheel sizes available: 16 ", 20", 24 ", 26", 28 ", 29".
The motor is a brushless type and for this reason it hasn't the braking charging system.
This type of engine is advantageous for cycling as it allows us to continue pedalling even when the engine turned off. Adding the braking charging system would turn into a friction when pedalling.
The assistance can be activated pedalling or with an accelerator.
Swytch offers three versions of its kit each with different autonomy, power and cost. Each model can also be purchased in its Brompton bikes adaptation.

Universal ECO Kit: max speed 25 km / h, 180Wh battery, 5 power levels, 35 km of total autonomy, silver colour.
Price: € 357 or € 445 in the Brompton version.

Universal PRO Kit: max speed 32 km / h, 250Wh battery, 5 power levels, 50 km of total autonomy, silver or black colour.
Price: € 444 or € 556 in the Brompton version.

Universal TOUR Kit: max speed 32 km / h, 500Wh battery with LCD display and 9 power levels, 100km of total autonomy, silver or black colour.
Price: € 669 or € 780 in the Brompton version.


An innovative kit that allows you to make the most of your traditional bike converting it into an electric one when you need and without having to buy a second bicycle.
The assembly is quick and intuitive and so it makes cycling a sport for everyone, regardless of athletic condition and the use you would like to do.