The quality of an innovative studio available with an entry-level price

Ergonomic Features

A product dedicated to the customers who seek the top quality on a delicate component like the saddle.
The Italian company from Rossano Veneto has applied several emerging technologies on this model, these innovations ensure the right compromise between performance and comfort, even for athletes with a particular riding style.
The Shortfit system provides a shorter saddle length compared to the traditional ones, these characteristic guarantees correct support on the rear part of the sitting and an adequate pressures distribution on the front even for the users that used to ride in an aggressive riding position, with the pelvis in anteversion.
The shape its side profile is another strength point applied to this San Marco’s model.
The “S” shape and the central depression greater than 5mm classifies this saddle as “Waved”.
The application of this figure allows an optimal fit even for cyclists with a genetically retroverted pelvis, making it easier to have a correct posture when on the bike “forcing” the cyclist into the most advantageous possible seat.
The hole almost as long as the total length of the seat is the element that completes its ergonomic features. The large Open-fit central hole help to loosen the pressure in the prostate area by facilitating the blood circulation. This addition will avoid the formation of tinglings and annoying pains that would lead to an ineffective way of ride.
The Wide version tested is designed for cyclists with wide ischial bones, or for whom that prefer for other anthropometric or subjective reasons a wide seat.

Numbers and Materials


- Width: 144mm
- Length: 250 mm
- Weight: 200 grams
- Fitting: Waved
- Padding: Biofoam
- Structure: Manganese
- Frame: Xslitte
- Coating: MicroFeel
- Price: 99 €


Biofoam: Due to the closed-cell surface the padding is lightweight total repellent.

Xslitte: The Xslitte alloy is made by San Marco. This alloy includes a large part of silicon linked to particles of titanium and carbon, making it the ideal compromise between robustness and lightness.

Microfeel: It is a high abrasive resistance coating. The Microfeel coating is longer lasting than other traditional materials.

Manganese: This material enhances the characteristics of the frame increasing its resistance.


This model San Marco ShortFit Wide saddle was provided to us by Bike Me Experience store.
We tried this saddle on different kind of bikes and terrains to tested this product in a more efficient way.
Riding on different terrains allowed us to test the saddle in various vibration conditions, confirming the optimal seat even in the worst circumstances.
The other strengths emerged from this test are the capability of lower the pressure in the perineal points when riding for many hours or in an aggressive position, thanks to its shortness and its "S" shape.
The few negative traits highlighted on our rides are subjective or derived from previous habits. The feeling with this innovative saddle is not immediate, during the first few rides the feeling was far from optimal.
Another subjective aspect to analyze is the width of this Wide version. If you don’t have the appropriate anatomical characteristics the width will be excessively making riding complicated, for this reason San Marco also produces a Shortfit Narrow version.
The overall evaluation of the Shortifit Dynamic Wide is positive, also thanks to its low price.