Are cycling and motocross an unusual combination? Maybe not.

The disciplines

Nowadays there is an increasing number of motorcyclists that integrates cycling training in their training schedules.
On the opposite side many top-level MTB bikers choose motocross as an alternative discipline to do during the pre-season training.
In this article we will answer to the main question about this unusual multidisciplinary combination: is this new trend simply driven by a double passion or does it have a very specific preparatory purpose?


Closely analyzing the motocross discipline you will immediately realize that it is a sport that requires a complete body effort. Once find out the correct postural position on the motorbike and learned the best riding technique you will work out equally and consistently both the upper and the lower parts of the body. The high aerobic capacity required and the cardiovascular system solicitation during motocross rides are the same characteristics required while cycling.
All these factors are confirmed by years of data analysis comparison.
Furthermore, for the motocross riders who are lucky enough to live in mountains or hilly areas, adding MTB rides to their training schedule will also help them to improve their balance, reaping all the multidisciplinarity benefits.


The motorcyclists' goals about including cycling, especially Mtb, Xc, Dh and Enduro, into their training programs are to integrate some technical refinements that cannot be integrated with another kind of multidisciplinarity.
In recent years the gap between those who are very skilled on the bike and those who are not become wider and wider, especially on pro-level cyclists. Mastering your bike not only allows you to be safer and faster but also allows you to be more relaxed and spend less energy when pedalling.
Another reason for cyclists to choose motocross during the pre-season training is given by the fact that driving a much heavier motorized bike requires you to have greater coordination and greater attention to the weight distribution while driving with a full-body effort. The full-body effort required will complete the gym work allowing you to train your arms, shoulders and core by driving your motorcycle and enjoying something different.


Sport scientist.

Graduated in sport science, currently attending the master's degree course in science and techniques of preventive and adapted sport activities. In addition to having the requisite of second-level sports director (FCI) and motocross instructor technician (CSEN) he holds the role of trainer and biomechanical at his own "salmi project" business.