An icon of elegance and competition from Basso Bikes


Light, rigid and aesthetically flawless, Diamante is one of the best models ever produced by the historic Treviso brand.
From the very first glance the attention to all details it's something you can't help but notice, you can feel the passion behind the building of a Basso bike. The artisan soul of the company alive despite the exponential brand growth over the last few years,
every frame is still handmade in Italy guaranteeing unique product reliability.

Diamante Disc

Pedalling on a racing geometry without having to give up on the comfort is possible if you ride on a Basso Diamante Disc.
The addition of adjustable spacers under the handlebar can make softer its natural aggressive position, raising the riding position to satisfy the needs even of the less experienced cyclist.

The stiffness data of the frame have been improved by over 50% compared to the previous version.
The bottom bracket flexion is only 0.2 mm while the head tube torsion is just 0.4 mm, these data place the Basso Diamante at the same level of the reference brands top models.
The frame optimization to be able to pedal with 28 mm tires on represents a further step forward compared to the past, improving the bicycle versatility.

The Diamante is available in three different colours: Rubin Red, Electric Blue and Opal White. The Opal White was the one chosen for this test, a paint characterized by a minimal design and very elegant Decaplus.
The components assembled for this review exceed from the ones provided by the usual Basso packages. This choice is given by our will to go below the 7.4 kg (without pedals) of total weight provided by the manufacturer:

- Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
- Rear derailleur cage and pulleys: Ceramic Speed
- Wheels: MR 38 Disc Carbon Clincher (couple weight: 1625 gr ± 3%)
- Handlebar: Microtech Integra (weight: 400 gr)
- Bottle cage: Microtech 100% Carbon (weight: 25 gr +/- 5% each)
- Saddle: San Marco Shortfit Carbon Narrow (weight: 145 gr)
- Disc Brakes: Shimano Dura-Ace 160


To be able to write a complete review we tested the Basso Diamante Disc on a long and altimetrically demanding route, to simultaneously verify both its reactivity and comfort: The Grappa Cycling Loop, a route available on our tours section. The first part of the ride, characterized by a lot of ups and downs, confirmed the high frame rigidity. The Diamante proved to be always ready and reactive in every situation faced on this very nervous sector. The quick responses during the uphill pace changes and the immediate downhill feeling are directly connected to the bottom bracket and head tube high rigidity.
Another positive feature is the Integra handlebar enveloping ergonomics, as aggressive in the lower part as comfortable and efficient in the upper one. The tapered shape of the upper part allows you to grip the handlebar naturally, allowing a firm grip that involves limited wattage dispersion during maximum effort and unmatched comfort over long training.

The unique three locking points seat post closure proved to be, besides to be good looking, one of the element, together with the geometry of the frame, essential for the absorption of the ground disconnections.

Due to almost total absence of spacers under the handlebar the position turns out to be aggressive, but even with this racing set-up the global comfort wasn't affected at all. This confirms the very good geometry balance.


On the technical level the Diamante Disc passed our test admirably. It is agile and responsive along the hard sections and comfortable during the long straights. The only "sore point" that our test highlighted is the fork shape, the latter tends to complete the turning radius changing the fork form in its final part. This feature slightly compromises the overall driveability of the bike when pedalling out of the saddle.
About the components the only sore point was the Semi-Syncro mode of the Shimano Di2 that if not correctly set, could be annoyed in some specific situations. The Ceramic Speed pulley and the Microtech MR 38 Disc Carbon Clincher wheels performed flawlessly throughout the ride.
Aesthetically the Diamante Disc incorporate the meaning of cleanness and elegance, thanks to its round sections tubes and its minimal graphics.
The connection between the stem and the steering area, through the 3B Basso system, helps to give an aggressive line to the frame.
The Diamante models are equipped with electronic groupsets while having visible cable stoppers positioned on the holes that would be otherwise occupied by the sheaths necessary for the correct functioning of the mechanical groupsets. This last detail together with the non-integrated cables system affects a line that nevertheless remains one of the most good-looking in the market.


After we rode it for almost 115 km we can affirm that the Diamante Disc has nothing less compared to other brands top-level bike.
Born from a versatile geometry this bike represents a very good choice for those who aim for the quality without spend too much money.
The numerous choices of components, size and colours allow anyone to have the bike of their dream.