Each cyclist is unique, which is why everyone needs a bike that suits their riding style.

Each cyclist has different goals and characteristic.
Enhancing each riders’ peculiarities guiding them to choose the kind of bike that suits their needs the most will lead to guide them to achieve their goals more effectively.
Being able to enjoy a bike ride to the fullest, regardless of the way it will be approached, can be heavily affected by the kind bike you’re riding on.

T°RED Bikes represent the reference point among the bike customization market.
T°RED Bikes’ production is entirely “Made in Italy” and all the frames are made with special alloys materials like Titanium, Steel and Aluminium.
The incredible attention that the founder and designer Romolo Stanco and its technical team put on simulating, designing, prototyping and testing every small detail allows them to have the full control on every bike they produce.
This unique production process main goal is to create a bike suitable for the customer, and not vice versa.

On the sub articles we will analyze some of this Italian company bike models to help you in choosing your ideal bike.

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Rea Titanium

Aracnide Titanium


Crab Lombardia Steel

Manaia Speed Criterium Stradale

Manaia Silverbone Track