The new way to look at commercial vehicles

Deliveries, where we are right now

During the last year, due to the current pandemic situation, online sale have grown exponentially reaching record numbers.

An increase in online sales means also an increase in the number of couriers that drive daily on the road, most of them used to drive big motorized vehicles.

Base the all delivery logistic network on motorized vehicles produce a huge negative impact both on the environment and on the deliveries schedule, the traffic caused by the couriers can cause severe delays on the deliveries schedule.

In a future where buying something on the Internet will be way easier and accessible that buy stuff in the stores, what can we do to optimize the way we look at the deliveries logistic network? What can we do to respect the environment and decongesting the traffic?

Cargo bike, the future of delivery

Cargo bikes are three or two-wheeled bicycles studied to transport goods, these particular bikes are available both with muscular or electric traction.

Some of these bikes models even reach 150 kg of load capacity, making them the perfect substitute for the vans typically used by couriers.

If you need to deliver in a big city or an urban area, a cargo bike will allow you to load all the goods you need to deliver, the time and management cost will be highly reduced than if you decide to do the same job with a van.

Greater manoeuvre speed, having access to restricted traffic areas and lower management costs are just some of the advantages deriving from using a cargo bike for urban areas delivery instead of a motorized vehicle.

Furthermore, the increasing number of cyclists that choose to ride on an E-bike led Cargo bike companies to develop many electric models, helping the heavy goods transport.

The point in Europe

Any business that moves goods in an urban environment can benefit by choosing cargo bikes as conveyance.

Northern Europe is the pioneer of the logistics Eco-sustainable conversion.
DHL and Ikea have chosen Holland to start this important change, converting part of their delivery system from vans to cargo bikes.

Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria immediately follow, using cargo bicycles for multiple tasks, from transporting the disabled to the ecological operators' activities.

Also in Italy the cargo bike business is growing, you can find many stores in different regions where you can buy or rent a cargo bike for your business or personal use.
To promote this new way of transport in Italy there will be a fund dedicated to small and medium-sized delivery enterprises.

Make the right choice, choose Eco-sustainable!