An interview into the sustainable mobility future

Anyone who tries a cargo bike never gets rid of it. This is the motto that drives Walter Turniano in his adventure as Panda Bike owner, a lead company from Treviso that produces cargo bike.

Walter and his team are always been strong supporters of green mobility, and so they created a “kilometre-zero” production eco-system. To do that they managed to enclose showroom, workshop and collaborators in 20 kilometres.
The real Panda Bike hallmark is the closeness between the collaborators that work with and for Walter. This closeness allows the customers to fully customize their Panda Bike set-up without having any delay on the delivery, delivery which requires a very short time.

Three Panda Bike models are currently available: Panda Classic, Panda Smoking and Panda Cuore.
Designed to satisfy a 360° market, each of the three Panda Bike versions represents a starting point to be set up according to your needs.

During this interview we will talk about the main peculiarities that characterize the Panda Bike and the world of Cargo Bike, ranging from environmental and functional analyzes to technical topics on how to safely ride on this particular kind of bike.

Enjoy the video!