For a safer cycling experience


The incredible growth of the E-bike market has lead to a large number of novice cyclist that approach cycling.
Many of these people approach the world of cycling thanks to the electric help of an E-bike, aware that an electric aid can allow them to tackle routes otherwise impossible to ride with their level of training.

The large number of new enthusiasts that approach cycling has many positive aspects, but it presents a dangerous problem: many of these people do not have enough experience to ride safely along the roads and the dirt paths.

Riding a bike in dangerous situations requires experience.
A survey shows that 58% of the accidents involving e-bikes happens during braking and a further 24% are related to braking.
Braking accidents generally occur during panic braking to try to avoid road obstacles.

In an era that looks at sustainable mobility as the future of transportation, working on sustainable urban planning is no longer enough. To bring as many people as possible towards a green lifestyle the safety precautions must start straight from the product itself, for this reason an anti-lock braking system for E-bikes represents a crucial turning point for the future.


Blubrake is an Italian company that created the first ABS (anti-lock braking system) for E-bikes.

The system acts on the front wheel only and, to preserve the bicycle aesthetic, is completely frame-integrated.

To meet the needs of every kind of E-bikes Blubrake developed and patented three different products:

- Blubrake E-bike ABS: This ABS is designed for all kind of bikes, from Urban bike models to MTB. It guarantees stable braking on any type of terrain thanks to a series of sophisticated algorithms that make the entire system work properly.

- S-Pedelec ABS: The Speed Pedelecs is the fastest E-bike category. To ensure an adequate safety level Blubrake has developed a specific system for this E-bike category: the S-Pedelec ABS. This system is designed to perform at high speed and with great braking.

- Blubrake E-cargo ABS: Electric cargo bikes are designed to carry heavy loads in urban areas at high speed, which is why safety is a priority. The Blubrake E-cargo ABS system is developed to avoid the front wheel locking both when the cargo bike is fully loaded and empty.
This system works with all kind of E-cargo bikes.

How does it work

The entire ABS system is based on three key components: the speed sensor, the electronic unit and the actuator.

The speed sensor, assembled on the front wheel, measures the speed and transmits the live information to the electronic unit.
The electronic unit is the heart of the system and, being integrated by gyroscopes and accelerometers, it forms an inertial platform.
The electronic unit actives the ABS system before the front wheel locking by modulating the brake power, to do that the unit compares the speed reported by the sensor with the one detected by the accelerometers.

The main component that modulates the braking is the actuator. The actuator increases the pressure on the lever and decreases it on the calliper when the electronic unit signals an obstacle.
By continuously checking the hydraulic pressure of the front brake, the actuator allows maximizing the braking power without locking the front wheel.

How to install Blubrake ABS

As this is a system that acts on a crucial bike component like the braking system, Blubrake ABS is available only for the OEM market and not for the aftermarket.

So if you want this anti-lock braking system assembled on your E-bike you have to buy a bike model which is natively equipped with it.

The manufacturers that currently have decided to integrate some of their models with the Blubrake ABS system are: Crescent, Bulls, Trefecta, Bianchi and Stromer.