9 tools, 45 grams


The first multitool builds according to the new way people look at cycling.

Cycling is a continuously growing sport and in recent times more and more extreme forms of this wonderful sport are taking hold.

The most expensive road bikes are made for the most demanding cyclists who are looking for lightness and aerodynamics, even sacrificing the comfort factor.
The Gravel bike, instead, are increasingly used for long cycle trips so, every once saved inside the bags turns into an opportunity to carry something more.

Daysaver is developed to embrace these needs and to make a simple object such as a multitool, innovative and that keeps up with the times.

Lightweight, aero, aesthetic, tiny.

Why Daysaver?

Daysaver is a 93 long and 45 grams of weight multitool that incorporates 9 keys in it, keys that are essentials for any kind of service when out riding.

All keys are interchangeable with each other thanks to the magnetic adapters that house each of them.
In fact, you can take advantage of the key you need by simply inserting the head into the adapter and consequently engaging the latter in one of the two final parts of the L-shaped main key.
Each adapter can be inserted without distinction in both ends of the L wrench.

Having a multitool with you when out riding is essential to solve any kind of inconvenience that normally occurs during cycling. However, cyclist used not to carry it with them because of its uncomfortable shape or just because is too big to fit on the back pockets.

So Daniel, Elam and Peter designed a multitool to encourage cyclists to use this important object. To do that they make it easily transportable and so light to not affect the general training performance.

In addition, to completely solve the transportation problems, the Swiss company has developed a very solid case that allows you to carry the entire Daysaver kit directly by fixing it like a normal bottle cage.
This innovative carrying system allows you to save space both on the back pockets and on the bike-packing bags if you are facing a bike journey!

The 9 keys available in the multitool are: cut 2, Torx 25, Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.