Beyond excellence

Together with Dynatek marketing manager Marco Cecchinato, we talk about the biggest peculiarities of the company, also testing part of their top-of-the-range models.

Thanks to its research program, investments plans and innovations the Italian bike company Dynatek is positioning itself as a leader in the national cycling scene and beyond.

  • What’s stand for Dynatek? What’s the real name meaning?

The eclecticism and the dynamic way of thinking that has characterized Dynatek from day one, mixed up with the huge innovation desire, make up the means of the name of this historical Paduan brand. All these peculiarities are highlighted in the latest models completely handmade in Italy.
In the latter work situation Dynatek’s team members can push themselves in designing and engineering bicycles that are absolutely unique, both in terms of geometry and performance.

  •  What makes a Dynatek bike unique? What’s gives greater value to the brand?

Dynatek aims to provide a bike designed and built according to the needs of the cyclist. Furthermore, all the bikes are completely made in Italy at our headquarters in Padua.
Nowadays we are overwhelmed by mass-produced bikes, only divided by standard sizes without taking into consideration other physical characteristics such as weight, power expressed or even sex.
This leads cyclists into a forced choice, compromising comfort, pedalling efficiency and general performance.

  • How important is the relationship with the customer during the bike customization?

A lot. Every Dynatek starts from the customer and his or her needs.
This process starts from the choice of the components, from the custom frame’s geometries and to the creation of high modulus carbon pipes, up to the customized graphics.

  • Dynatek has a really wide range of bike models, this provides an excellent response regardless of the type of customer, are you planning to launch any new products to further expand the range of Dynatek models?

Our main focus is now to centralize the production with the aim to create an R&S pole with the main Italian universities. In the short term, this upgrade will put into reality a brand new road bike project aimed at optimizing the aerodynamic aspect of the cyclist + bike system.

  • The “Italia ML1” bike model uses a Torayca T1100K carbon fibre, which stands out for its exceptional lightness and stiffness. Do you believe that “Italia ML1” can be placed among the top of the range bike between the most famous brands?

To build up the “Italia ML1”, as the “Materia” and the “Levius” models we only use Torayca T1100K carbon fibre. This is just one of the many details that place these bikes at the top, both in terms of sensations and in strictly technical and numerical terms.
The lightness and dynamic response of the frame and the complete frame customization, are the advantages added to be able to provide an absolutely unique and top quality product.

  • How important is the support within the company of an entrepreneur and passionate like Massimo Levorato?

Massimo Levorato is a reference point both for cycling and for Italian cycling in general.
Thanks to his great passion and his entrepreneurial skills we were able to give to Dynatek a very specific character from day one, increasing the importance of Made in Italy and making it a benchmark.
The completely Italian production process also allows all the Wok Service teams riders to begin a work career in cycling.

  • How much does the feedback Work Service athletes, especially from the experienced Davide Rebellin, affect the product development?

Feedback is extremely important for us. All the engineering and designing works in the building of the new models are studied in a very scientific way, but the road verdict is always what matters the most.
So, the Work Service athletes led by Davide Rebellin, give us great help by providing their impressions.

  • What’s Dynatek main goal for the future?

Our goal is to inform this sport enthusiast, the Italian ones especially, on how much performance a custom handmade frame can be compared to what can be another high-end stock frame.
This can only bring benefits in terms of performance and comfort but above all it brings up a tricolour spirit, a symbol of excellent quality and great prestige.


Italia ML1