Always ready for anything

An E-Mtb suitable for any kind of terrain, from the smoothest cycle path to the most technical singletrack.

The full suspension engineering frame system allows to make the most out of the 90Nm power provided by the Polini engine.
The electric assistance is provided by the Italian company “Polini”, thanks to a special engine specifically designed for the offroad: the E-P3 MX.

During the development of the E-P3 MX, Polini has raised the engine resistance to the external agents, without affecting the geometries and the dimension thanks to the use of a 144mm central pin.

Furthermore, the torque value has been increased from 70Nm to 90Nm, increasing the thrust and the assistance autonomy, placing this engine at the top of the category.

The full carbon frame means that the E-Rampage provides to the customer a lighter bike compared to many other current E-Mtb models on the market.