When research meets craftsmanship excellence is guaranteed.

Lightness, stiffness and extremely performing feeling are characteristics that make this bike the Dynatek top of the range model.

The name, Italia ML1, symbolizes the new totally Made in Italy production line.
The totally artisanal production system allows adding some peculiarities to this model that o beyond the cutting-edge materials with which it is built and assembled.
The focal point of the entire project is to provide to the customer an extremely high-performance riding feeling, to do that Dynatek applies some technologies and special additional services.
The possibility to custom the frame size according to your very own anthropometric measurements and the use of “autoclave tube to tube technology” are just two of the countless enrichments applied in the engineering of this frame.

The use of the Torayca 110K carbon fibre guarantees the extreme lightness of the Italy ML1, only 780 the total weight of the frame size 55. The latter is one of the finest fibres on the market.

The elegant look is the result of the internal cable routing with the ACR system and the graphic configuration tailored to the customer.

Italia ML1, the top of the range that doesn’t need to make noise to let the cyclists

Italia ML1
Italia ML1_3
Italia ML1_2