When it is time for adventure, is time for Grizl


The Gravel cycling discipline was born to satisfy the aim for adventures and to discover new places and routes, experiencing cycling at its fullest.
The adventurous spirit itself is not enough when cycling, you also must have the right equipment.

According to the Gravel spirit the German bike company Canyon has developed the Grizl, a complete and versatile bicycle capable of performing at its best on any type of terrain, from technical descents to long straights.


The Grizl frame characteristics allow you to ride through rough terrain with comfort.

Thanks to the lowered right chainstay the tire clearance will be very wide as it allows to mount 50 mm wide tires.
To further increase comfort the Grizl rear stay is 1 cm longer than the Grail one.

Compared to other Gravel models, the Grizl’s frame has a higher stack to provide a more comfortable riding position. The latter peculiarity also ensures an extended wheelbase.

The handlebar is a traditional one, to guarantee more versatility compared to the “double-decker”, the unique cockpit actually available on the Grail models.
The steering angle is wide, but not extreme, with its 72,5° guarantees excellent riding feeling without having to sacrifice the general bike reactivity.

The geometric peculiarities of the frame will be optimized by the VCLS 2.0 Seatpost, a special component engineered by Canyon that allows dampening the vibrations deriving from the disconnections of the ground.

The Grizl is available in 7 different sizes from 2XS to 2XL. The wide range of sizes, combined with the many colours and configurations available, makes the Grizl a model close to a customized bicycle.


Model tested

Canyon Grizl CF SL 8


Crankset: Shimano GRX 48/31
Gearbox: GRX 800 11v
Cassette: GRX 800 11 / 34t
Wheels: DT Swiss G1800 Spline DB25
Bottle cages: Three (SL), Two (SLX)
Tires: Schwalbe G-One Bite TLE
Seatpost: Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0
Color: Earl Gray
Weight: 9.3 kg


We tested the Grizl on different kinds of terrains, from long asphalted straights to steep dirt climbs and technical descents.
After riding in different conditions we can firmly affirm that the Grizl is one of the most versatile bikes on the market.

Thanks to the frame characteristic, the feeling during the descents will be as good as if using an MTB, allowing you to maintain focus and clarity even after long and difficult sectors.

Being able to easily overcome the technical sections will improve the long rides overall outcome, as the stress on the upper part of the body will be way less than when riding on other models.

The particular frame geometries also allow having a performing bike even through the fastest sections.
The road bike biomechanical setting will keep intact the responsiveness factor. Despite some natural limitations, the Grizl will allow you to keep up with a good and steady pace in the straights.

This bike is recommended for true Gravel lovers that have the will to enjoy cycling at its best, without having to compromise any road or path.