Strength and quality within everyone's reach


The Gravel world is open to a very large number of enthusiasts of any kind.

From the most trained cyclists always in search of performance from the novice amateur that wants to ride comfortably and safely.

2WD, a historical company from Treviso with more than 40 years of experience, has developed the perfect compromise between quality and accessibility: the 2WD Gravel Offroad.

The “Gravel Offroad” is the perfect bike for those who want to move the first steps into the Gravel world with a medium-range bike.


The “Gravel offroad” aluminium frame is completed with a carbon fork, this peculiarity allows to have a bike that weighs only 11 kilograms.

Thanks to a high tire clearance you can mount tires up to a maximum width of 42mm, so as to easily overcome even the most technical and demanding terrains.

The “Shimano Sora” 2x9v drivetrain completed by the “Ounce” 50/34 Crankset ensure durability over time.

The reliability of the latter components will limit the services to only the ones that are needed and even the longest and most demanding rides will not represent a problem.

The aluminium wheels, easily convertible from clincher to tubeless, are crowned with an anti-puncture level 7.

For greater safety the 140mm tektro flat-mount mechanical disc brakes will complete the assembly procedure.

This model customization possibility goes beyond the three frame size to choose from (M, L and XL) thanks to the possibility to also customize the paint job.

By flagging the “Custom” option you will be contacted by the 2WD staff to choose the colour that best reflects your tastes.

Road test

There is no better place than the “Greenway del Sile” cycle path to put the “Gravel Offroad” into the test.

The narrow and winding paths, the alternation between asphalt and gravel sectors and the long straights typical of this cycle path represent the perfect mix of elements to fully test every peculiarity of this Gravel bike.

Always ready and comfortable in any situation, this 2WD proves to be the perfect bike to ride easily through any well-maintained gravel path.

Thanks to their modular specifications, the disc brakes prove to be optimal for avoiding unpleasant wheel blocking on dirt roads, while the high and wide handlebar grip transmits a great feeling of safety.

The drivetrain imported from the road bikes limits the global bike agility and compromises its use in the steepest climb, however it allows a very productive and effective pedal stroke when riding on the long straights.


Despite being categorized as an entry-level model, we can safely say that the "Gravel Offroad" has nothing to envy the mid-range bikes on the market.

Comfortable and resistant, it turns out to be the perfect bike for those who want to enter the Gravel world by spending just over 1000 €.

The possibility to customize colours and tyres also gives you the opportunity to "build" a bike tailored to your tastes.

2WD Gravel Offroad, the bike for the beginner ready to dare.