Time to shift into the future


The cycling world is constantly evolving and many companies are innovating their products in order to stay at the top of sectors that are growing exponentially, such as the Gravel and the electric ones.

The Belgian development and production company Classified, after several years of research, has engineered a revolutionary shifting system called PowerShift.


What is Powershift

Classified PowerShift is a wireless shifting system integrated into the rear hub that works as a front derailleur.

This system allows riding a 1x11 (or 1x12) single chainring system having the same range of gear of a 2x11 (or 2x24) one. Thanks to PowerShift you will ride enjoying all the benefits of cycling with a single chainring such as fewer chain falls, less mechanical failures and less dirt accumulation with the advantage of using it as a 22/24 gears range.

Another important feature is the ability to change gear in any condition: either at full load above 1000 watts or at standstill; the shifting speed will always be 150 ms.


Which components are included with the kit

- Handlebar unit: it is directly connected to the gearshift or to the satellite shifting button, it allows to send the wireless signal to perform the gearshift.

- Powershift hub: the hub doesn’t contain the battery but houses an electro-actuated clockwork mechanism that communicates directly with the smart thru-axle.

- Smart thru-axle: this special thru-axle receives the wireless signal and activates the hub, it is powered by a Micro-USB rechargeable battery.

- Hub body: thanks to its interchangeability it allows to use PowerShift in multiple types of wheels.

- Cassette: the cassette is built ad hoc by the Classified team and you can choose between four different options: 11/27, 11/30, 11/32, 11/34.


How does it works

The handlebar unit is connected to a common shift button, the latter - being satellite – will activate the shifting process by sending a wireless signal.

The smart thru-axle receives the shift signal and activates the hub using contactless energy transfer.

Once the signal has been received, the powershift hub will complete the shifting command.


The hub’s reliability is guaranteed by an incredibly stressful and targeted corporate test campaign. 

Each hub undergoes a strict sequence of quality controls before going into the market. On some hubs adjunctive sample tests are also carried out, they consist of subjecting the hubs to 40,000 shifts made at over 300 Watts of power.

This guarantees a hub efficiency close to perfection.

We tried it for you! Test and feelings

The former professional cyclist Alessandro Bertuola, who is now a Classified dealer, tested it for us.

The first sensations are a little bit confusing because it is not easy to know which gears you are using.

This problem can be solved thanks to the possibility of connecting PowerShift via bluetooth to your cycle computer, this operation permits you to show the exact gear with which you are pedalling on the screen.

The real advantages of this product emerge along the hilly sectors of the route in which riding on the right gear according to the terrain implies shifting a large amount of time.

Being able to change on full load, without running into breakages or wasting precious time, represents a fundamental factor in being able to easily overcome the many ups and downs faced during our test ride.


Classified PowerShift represents the real future of shifting.

The cycling environment, thanks to the growth of the Gravel world, is increasingly embracing the use of the single chainring.

However the demanding routes call for agile gears, ratios impossible to achieve with a single anterior chainring. PowerShift is the solution.

The sensations while riding are incredible, fluidity and speed in shifting are even better than traditional groupsets. Furthermore the weight is the same (or even lighter) of other