Bergamo’s beauty is so unmistakable that this city is capable to leave lifetime memories to those who visit it by bike.

While riding through this route you will enjoy some of the most important peculiarities of Bergamo, pedalling safely and away from the city traffic.
The trace will connect Bergamo city centre with "Città Alta" flanking castles, villages, alleys and historic places.

Let’s analyze this route peculiarities!


The navigation starting point is set near “Porta Nuova”, just some hundred meters far from several parking lots. All the parking lots will be highlighted in the “Show on Gmaps” section within the dedicated menu in our app.

The climb towards Città Alta will start just after the start. Once passed the beautiful “Porta di Sant’Agostino” you will start to ride along with villages, castles and some unique views until the San Sebastiano church.

After passing this latter point of interest the route will continue through a scenic secondary road with a constant view over Bergamo city centre.

The final metres of the ride towards the city, will retrace the initial part of the route.


A path with a high cultural and scenic value that in just over ten kilometres will highlight some of Bergamo most iconic peculiarities.

Even if the climb that connects Bergamo city centre with "Città Alta" is 3 kilometres long, the always easy and regular slopes will make it rideable also by the less trained cyclists and families.
However, due to the + 10% short stretches, the last part of the climb will represent the most challenging sector.

This route road surface is completely asphalted, which is why you can face this route with any kind of bike. However the best thing to do if you want to enjoy this ride without suffering, riding on an E-Bike is the best solution.

The fountains scattered along the route, the bars, the car parking lots near the starting point and the points of interest will be well marked by the markers in the "Show on GMaps" section within the dedicated menu in our app.
If you do not have your bike with you or you do not have the cycle computer suitable for the use of the navigation GPX file, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make our rental service available.

Discovering Bergamo Città Alta by bike!

Between history and astonishing views



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12 km.