From the city centre of Treviso to Jesolo Faro riding along the banks of the Sile river.
This route is an unconventional way to reach the sea starting from Treviso, crossing beautiful villages and pedalling on a unique bike path.


Inaugurated in April 2017, the "Greenway del Sile" is a gravel cycle path that connects Treviso with the Venetian seaside resort of Jesolo.
Along the first part of the route you will ride through the “Restera” and the “Alzaie of the Sile river” till Silea. At this point the scenario will change, the abandoned factories of the outskirts of Treviso will be replaced with the Burci cemetery, a spectacular archeologic site composed by old boats now reduced to wrecks.
The bridge that cross the Burci cemetery is for pedestrian use only and you need to get off from your bike.
After passing through the centre of Casier you will proceed in the direction of Musestre, here you can admire the castle “Tower of Everardo” built in the Lombard period. This structure like the others visible along the trace will be visible only by riding along the Greenway.
Once passed Musestre you will proceed towards Portegrandi, town that hosted the mouth of the Sile until the creation of the "Taglio del Sile" in 1683.
To reach Caposile you will need to ride on a straight road 11 kilometres long, in this sector you will pedal less than one meter from the seashore.
Once in Jesolo the trace will continue on a white road for residential use only which will lead to Lido del Cavallino and then to Faro beach, the last seaside resort of Jesolo and mouth of the Sile river in the Adriatic Sea.


This route will be mostly unpaved, so it is advisable to use a Gravel bike or a 29" Hard Tail MTB to prevent punctures and to have greater comfort.
If faced only from Treviso to Jesolo this trace can also be appreciated by families or untrained athletes. If you plan to return from Jesolo to Treviso by bike the distance will be considerably longer also increasing the difficulty.
This route will cover roads for bicycle and pedestrian use only ensuring a high safety. The numerous bar along the Greenway will guarantee you many alternatives on where to enjoy a refreshment break.
If you do not have your bike with you or do not have the type of bicycle that is needed to ride this route, please contact us and we will provide you with our rental service.

Greenway bike-path from Treviso to Jesolo

From Treviso historic center to Jesolo beaches through an exclusive cycle path



2 hours & 50 min.
63 km.