Simple instructions on how to download, install and start browsing GPX files.

Description of file GPX

GPX is an acronym for GPS eXchange Format. This is nothing more than an XML document containing information generated by a satellite navigator (or any other navigation system equipped with the same functionality) describing certain GPS routes. This type of file can be used to navigate, for measuring distance, speed and elevation. It also allows you to be notified when you ride near any points of interest, places to visit or particular circumstances that need to be previously reported.

How to download and use it

Our website, as well as the Wamii mobile app, will allow you to download and import in a simple and intuitive way the track you have chosen regardless of the type of operating system or smartphone.

After the tour selection click on the "Download" button located on a dedicated section at the bottom of the page and wait until the download is finished. At this point, you will have several ways to proceed with the import into your GPS device. Now we will explain you how to import the file into the most popular navigation devices.

Garmin device

If you have a Garmin device and don't want to go use external applications, you will find below the explanation of the simple steps necessary to correctly import the GPX file.

  • Use your PC browser to download the file Wamii website
  • Once the download is complete, a file named "file_name.GPX" will appear on the dedicated Downloads folder

After this initial two steps of the procedure, keep the Downloads folder open and don't try to open the file

  • Connect Garmin device to PC (or Mac)
  • The device will be recognized as a hard drive
  • Open the "Garmin" folder
  • Enter the "New files" folder inside.
  • Drag (or copy) the recommended GPX file into it

Once the file is copied, you can simply disconnect the device from the PC. The file will be automatically recognized by the device as a trace (for some models a simple confirmation will be required).

To start using the trace it will be sufficient:

  • Switch ON the device
  • Open the menu (marked with the appropriate icon)
  • Open the routes section
  • Open the saved routes folder
  • At this point you will find the GPX file and you can start the track



Bryton device

For Bryton devices the procedure is very similar to Garmin ones, the only small thingh that change is the name of the destination folder. Let's analyze the process.

  • Connect the device to the computer (or Mac) via USB cable
  • The device will be recognize as Hard Disk, open it
  • Open the folder "extra files"
  • Drag (or copy) the desired GPX file into it

At this point, to find the track on your device, will be necessary to disconnect it from the PC.

To start using the trace it will be sufficient:

  • Switch on the device.
  • Open the menu
  • Enter on "Follow Track" folder and select the route
  • Click "View" above the selected route



Download and import from your smartphone

In addition to previewing the route, the WAMII app will allow you to download the file into your smartphone. In order to start the navigation, it will be advisable to rely on a dedicated app such as Garmin Connect or Bryton Active, but it's also possible to import the file into an external app that allows you to use your smartphone as a navigator.

  • Choose your favourite tour on Wamii app
  • In the tour dedicated page click on the floating action button and select "Download GPX"
  • Now chose the app that you prefer to open the file. If available Garmin Connect or Bryton Active applications are proposed (or automatically opened)

At this point you will be redirected on a page named "Route Setting". Based on the content of the track select the right category.

  • Select the category suitable for the type of tour you import, in order to find it more easily later
  • Click on DONE at the top right
  • Click in three vertical points at the top right
  • Select "send to device"
  • Activate Bluetooth on both the phone and the device, then connect them

Once the navigator is recognized you only need to connect the device to send the route and automatically saved it.