A road surrounded by nature in a place rich in history. This itinerary plans to ride the first part along the eastern side of the lake, through a road full of tunnels and hairpin bends. The opposite side, during the return, will offer some serious scenarios of the landslide that marked the disaster of '63. Between hidden tunnels and suspension bridges you will, therefore, have the opportunity to stop at various panoramic points that are difficult to appreciate if you come there by car. The main key points are illustrated below, the ones where you can admire the landscape peacefully.


The first 5 km will take place over the Cellina main road, this sector doesn’t present any particular pitfalls, except for the traffic that may be sporadically present. Once you leave the main road, you will take a right-handed turn through a little road, and it’s important to pay attention both to the holes present in limited numbers due to the deteriorated asphalt and to poorly lit tunnels. A useful precaution to guarantee safety when passing through the tunnels is the use of flashing lights, useful for making themselves visible even in the darkest sections. Once past the tunnels, you will take the final part of the route, characterized by an almost perfect road surface. Being a secondary mountain road you can take advantage of a wide roadway. The elevation gained will be just 200 meters, even though only mountain roads are tackled.


The large free and unpaved parking lot, located only a few kilometers from the dam, is the best solution to park your car. Being a very large space, it guarantees free parking spaces even on the busiest days. In case there is a need to take a break, you will find some bars nearby. We recommend to face this experience through the use of an MTB or an E-Bike. For the more trained, this detour from the main road could represent a pleasant addition to a more consistent training, despite the initial holes, with the right attention, it can also be tackled with a racing bike.

A ride aside Vajont's lake

Between hidden tunnels and suspension bridges, a road surrounded by nature, a place rich in history ...



40 min.
14 km