Will this be the best cycling route in the Treviso Prealps? In this tour we will offer you a series of mountain roads that are generally little traveled, our tracking will help you to avoid otherwise inevitable navigation errors. Thanks to the almost total absence of traffic and the great variety of landscapes, even the hardest sections of the route will be easily overcome. The itinerary will range from the vineyards of the Conegliano Valley to the hairpin bends of the San Boldo Pass, and then pass through the Brent De Lart Canyon, the peaks of the Alpe del Nevegal, the Cornolade Falls and to finish the spectacular view of Lake Santa Croce. This tour has all that is needed to become one of the references for the cycling routes in the area.


This track will start from Conegliano immediately heading towards San Boldo, passing through the center of Tarzo and its relative shore. The first climb of the day will be the San Boldo pass, also known as the 100-day ascent, which begins a few kilometers after the start. The climb, faced from the side of Tovena, has regular slopes and never more than a 10% gradient along its entire duration. The final galleries acknowledge his fame, offering unique views capable of repaying all the efforts. Once you go downhill, you will proceed on the descent towards Valbelluna, until Sant'Antonio Tortal, home of the Canyon brent de l'art, where a right turn will be the premise for the long climb towards Valmorel. Many kilometers of ups and downs pedaling on an asphalt strip that gives the idea of being painted among pastures and small villages made up of no more than a handful of houses. You will be enveloped in a peaceful mood, capable of making you forget the chaos of everyday life for a few hours. From a technical point of view, the climb will be quite challenging given the presence of sections of more than 10%, these will, however, be interspersed with several sections with minimal slopes that will break the overall effort. From the Valmorel valley to the Nevegal Alp there will only be a few meters of altitude difference to the face. The passage through the suggestive section of gravel road immersed in the woods will alleviate this last effort. Having reached the top, the day's difficulties will be almost over. The long descent back has a detour from the main road near Quantin so that you can take the path towards the Cornolade waterfalls, located a few hundred meters before the breathtaking view of Lake Santa Croce. At this point, proceeding along the west side of the Lake, you will take the descend from Fadalto towards Vittorio Veneto. The last hilly section, made very pleasant by the vineyards that surround it, will be the conjunction towards the arrival point.



This route is sliced into two parts: the first more demanding, which will enclose most of the altitude, while the second will be mainly characterized by descents and some ups and downs. It will be essential to manage the effort during the ascent, both at an athletic and nutritional level since the ascent will last more than an hour. The traffic will be absent for most of the route, the critical points will only be the San Boldo in the initial part and the descent of the Fadalto on the final one. Greater attention must be paid during the festivity days in Summer, given the possibility of a higher tourist turnout. The start will be fixed between two convenient free parking spaces: the parking of the municipal swimming pools and the parking of the Bagnolo pro loco.


Will this be the best non-tourist itinerary in the Treviso PreAlps? What we offer today are mountains roads unknow to the mass...



3 hours & 50 Min.
90 km