When people come to visit the Prosecco's hills, a Unesco heritage site, always give too much credit to the vineyards, ignoring what else the area has to offer. In this itinerary, we will try to merge all the iconic places that characterize the hills of Conegliano and its surroundings. There are many points of interest in this route, from the renowned Molinetto della Croda to the valley that, from Solighetto, leads to the top of the climb of Arfanta. The views that will be seen along these roads are difficult to describe, even though the use of photos or videos. Are you in the land of Prosecco and want to experience its atmosphere to the fullest? This is the right route for you.


The large parking lot near the pools of Conegliano undoubtedly represents the better starting point in the area. To immediately immerse yourself in the secondary roads and away from the chaos of the traffic, you will have to take, with a right turn a few hundred meters after the departure, the climb of Manzana. The slopes of this climb are very enjoyable, and it's interspersed with suggestive views that range between the hills and vineyards of Rua di Feletto. Passing by the church of San Giorgio, the ride will continue facing the last ups and downs before returning to the main street through a steep descent. Afterward you will have to face the climb to Arfanta. Its total length is about 3 kilometers and its slopes are well over 10% at some points. It's the only true ascent of the day. As you go up you will appreciate the first views of the Conegliano's area on the right, and the vineyards between Zuel and Molinetto on the left. The next descent leads to the suggestive road towards Zuel, characterized by old trattorias, small waterfalls, and very few houses. Everything gives the idea that time has stopped in this area, giving off a feeling of peaceful like no other. Once in Zuel you will enjoy a spectacular landscape, a real balcony on what the best this area has to offer. Take a break on the penultimate hairpin bend coming down from Zuel it's recommended to amplify the experience. A couple of hundred meters after the church of Zuel, there is a drinking water fountain for refueling. Continuing to follow the track you will find yourself riding in the valley of the Lienza torrent, an asphalt strip between the Felettan's hills and the vineyards of the Prosecco and the Raboso. There's an important place along this road: The Molinetto dea Croda. A majestic water mill victim of a terrible flood that occurred on August 2, 2014. However, to date, the area has been safe and can be visited. The hills surrounding the Molinetto will end in Refrontolo, where, after passing the roundabout next to the famous Mire climb, we will continue through the long up and down towards the castle of Conegliano. During this part of the ride, you can admire some of the most representative points of the area, such as Ca del Poggio and the beautiful town of Rua di Feletto. The entry to the Castle takes place through the passage of an architectural door, then the following descent brings you to the city of Conegliano. The city will be crossed to return to the starting point.


The parking near the pools of Conegliano is an excellent starting point. Public, large, free and asphalted has the advantage of been only a few minutes far from the city center, but always have free parking spaces available. Taking place entirely on an asphalted road surface, it's advisable to tackle this route either with a road bike or with an E-bike. With a total length of about 40 kilometers and an alevation of just under 700 meters, it's suitable for all those who have a minimum of training. By correctly managing the effort during the ascent of Arfanta the remaining climbs will be easily overcome.



This wonderful route collects in 40 kilometers most of the wonders that have brought this part of Veneto to be named UNESCO heritage. If wine is your passion you will have the opportunity to visit many of the best wineries and vineyards in the Veneto. Instead, if your purpose is to tackle a ride to enjoy the wonderful panorama but you think this track is too demanding, rent an E-bike or grit your teeth, the reward will be priceless.

Molinetto della Croda

In a single itinerary all the iconic places of the hills of Conegliano and surroundings...



2 hours.
40 km